Anjappar, the Synonym to Traditional Chettinadu cuisines around the world has stated its journey in the year 1964, from Chennai, the capital of southern state of Tamilnadu, India. The search of unique and fresh food ends up with Anjappar because of the freshness and the use of home ground spices for its mouth watering delicacies.

With more than 70 outlets spreads across the globe and with its delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, Anjappar serving its tradition to thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Anjappar has the it’s presents in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 2014 and become one of the most popular meeting place for Indian food lovers. Party Hall is another reason to celebrate your parties at Anjappar. Anjappar Bahrain is a part of Multi faceted and well known Al Riyadh Group of Companies